10 Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own

The one thing that stays the same in women’s fashion is this: it keeps changing. The truth is women can’t resist shopping be it any season, occasion or time. However, there should be some timeless pieces in their wardrobe so they are never at a loss of ‘what to wear’. One most sensible fashion tip is to base a wardrobe on some timeless staples, and then contribute trendier pieces to it with every season. The question is: What are those foundation pieces? Where to start and what exactly to buy.

First and foremost, you must realize that buying timeless clothing is more about quality than quantity. If you’re going to repeat clothes from one season to another, they must be versatile, classic, universally flattering and ever green! Quality is not all about price tags and brands, but also about endurance.

All of us women, regardless of age, body shape and style, should own the following outlined 10 pieces of clothing to look classic and yet on-trend.

  1. Black Pumps: A closed almond-shaped pair of black pumps remains in trend for all year and for all nights – from dressing it up with your jeans on a date night to appropriating it with office-wear. They will last forever and will extend your wardrobe’s age. While looking for a timeless piece, choose a matte leather which goes for all seasons better than suede or patent.


  1. Little Black Dresses: Black dresses can never go wrong. Stock up on them and buy a few pieces like, summer maxi and a dramatic cocktail party wear. You can also opt for a wrap version which you can carry from day to night and office to party with only a small update of accessories.


  1. Trench Coat: Since 1800s, these coats have been in fashion all the time. Trench coats fit any body type due to their waist-defining characteristics. Flattering, super-classic and practical, trench coats are an easy wear, perfect for a drizzly day. You can pair it up with pants or even a dress. Since you are going to choose it as a foundation piece, a neutral colored with classic particularization such as tie at the waist and a double-breasted top will be the right choice.


  1. White Shirt: With limitless fabric options, I’d suggest to go for a silk material. Clothing based on white shirt looks natural and oh-so-perfect. You can run a white shirt either you’re off to work or play. It can be dressed up with a blazer or any sweet sweater. At bar, you can leave those top buttons open and reveal like there’s nothing sexier.


  1. Dark Wash Jeans: Jeans are a timeless piece of clothing for almost every woman. Dark jeans can be paired up with flats to an eat out with friends or worn with a glitzy top and high heels to a dinner party. The right buy will be a pair of dark wash jeans which won’t fade with every wash.


  1. Necklace: Make a striking appearance with your statement necklace. It is going to look great with that little black dress of yours. It is always a good idea to add sparkle to your clothes.


  1. Achromatic Handbag: A handbag for a woman’s wardrobe is as necessary as any piece of clothing. If you’re going to own only one handbag, go for a neutral luggage. Cream, black and brown are classic timeless colors and good enough to complement with any clothing. Go for a rectangular-shaped bag with loads of pockets to give you maximum storage. This shape goes not only with corporate clothes but is also suitable for casual trips.


  1. Blazer: A classic-cut blazer is flattering and you can rock it with jeans and high heels to any eat out. You can also use a blazer to tone down that over the top cocktail dress of yours. It is super versatile. A basic black blazer is the simplest way to look polished and put-together. A perfect blazer should hit you right at your hip. A longer blazer will make your legs look small while a shorter blazer might not always be flattering.


  1. Wrap: A sophisticated wrap will complement that little black or an evening dress of yours like none other. It is also going to look appropriate with your daywear, like a casual t-shirt and jeans. A long drive at night is the time where it will keep you warm.


  1. Strappy Sandals: There’s a reason why Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Metallic strappy sandals either silver or gold are subtle enough to go with almost everything – from black to red and an abundance of patterns. Be it your white silk shirt or an evening gown, these sandals are going to do wonders for you.


Final Word


Lastly, think of all the clothes you once bought but never wore twice. A few you stopped wearing because of poor quality, others because they are no more a part of women’s fashion. For reasons like these, you must create a wardrobe of basic pieces. It will save you quite a few bucks, make you look trendier, and endure much longer – both in time and in taste. Miss Evolution is one stop for instant style!


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