Why We Love this lifestyle & fashion blogger (And You Should, Too!)

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Today I have a special interview with an very inspiring lifestyle & fashion blogger!

Your blog wow detector showcases fashion, fitness, food, beauty and travel. Could you talk us through the curation process?
I believe in sharing my experience of things that I truely enjoy doing. That is what makes me feel WoW.  Today fashion, fitness, food, beauty and travel are all a part of our lifestyle. Through my blog Wowdetector.com and the social media channels, I try to add value to the lives of my followers. A positive vibe from a friend can be a huge motivation and that is my role as a blogger/ Youtuber and social media influencer.
Working in the blogging industry, what have been the biggest lessons learned?
While being on your own, you still need to choose a boss. For me it is 'Time'! I try to plan things out and fit in as much as possible into each day, without being lazy or losing focus. Self-discipline and attention to details makes all the difference in the blogging industry as well as in Life! 
How would you say the industry has changed (both for the better and worse) since you've been working in it?
Good thing is that YOU are your unique selling point. It is your personality that translates into your passion as you work. 
What is not so good is the fact that people become obsessed with everything from their success to failure. Then Life on social media becomes the be all and end all.
What can people expect when they visit your blog? What do you hope they leave with?
As the name suggests, I try to find that 'feel good' factor in everything that will make me and my followers say 'wow'!
 I hope they leave with a happy vibe that makes them smile instantly and get a new motivation.
What's next? What excites you most about tomorrow?
Next I would like to travel across the world and capture moments to share with my followers.
I love to wake up to a dream like life each day as I have the luxury and freedom to be creative.
Finish this sentence: "I hope the future of fashion is
Self Expression 😄

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